Flame Hel, shibari artist

Flame Hel is a shibari artist & fetish photographer. His paintings and photography evoke a sense of passion and dark sexual energy that flows within.

Fetish Photography

Flame has always been an admirer of the female form, but his interests are much more than skin deep, reaching down to the darkest desires that hide within. His photography provides a window into a world where people dare to be their hidden selves.

Shibari Painting

Flame Hel has taken the ancient Japanese techniques of shibari rope bondage and incorporated it into his own unique style of action painting, creating powerfully emotional artworks filled with unbridled energy and passion.

Flame has developed his unique style of painting over many years, combining his interest in the female form with his passion for shibari, he has found a way to transfer the energy and emotion of his live performances into a physical medium, producing unique action paintings.

The process of shibari painting involves the flowing of paint over the models body and over the ropes with which she is tied. Her hair becomes a paint brush as she is suspended, floating bound in the air, and finally her body is brought down onto the canvas where her flesh and the ropes that bind her leave their mark upon the painting. The process mixes sensuality and frenzied energy to create an artwork that is truly unique and unrepeatable.

Each model brings a unique quality to the paintings for which she is used, and each painting captures a unique energy, and emotional experience.


The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet (2019) This piece was inspired by the artists visit to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where he performed a shibari show and watched the premiere of the Finnish film Dogs Don’t Wear pants on which he worked as a BDSM Consultant. Model : Victoria Grapes