“Internecivus Raptus”, the Murderous Thief. (2018)

“Internecivus Raptus”, the Murderous Thief. (2018)

“When daylight is gone, the murderer rises up, kills the poor and needy, and in the night steals forth like a thief.” The book of Job, 24:14

There is a darkness within us all, our inner demons. For some those demons stay safely locked away, while for others they come creeping like a thief in the night, to steal away our lives. In our fight against these inner demons many find ourselves on the losing side of a constant battle that can ultimately end only in death. Our journey through life has only one destination, our fight is not to avoid this end, but to quell the demons within our souls so that we may make peace with the odyssey that is our life. This fight is the inspiration for Internecivus Raptus.

The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet (2019)

This piece was inspired by the artists visit to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival where he performed a shibari show and watched the premiere of the Finnish film Dogs Don’t Wear pants on which he worked as a BDSM Consultant.

Model : Victoria Grapes

Beyond The Void

Beyond the Void (2019)

Taking inspiration from comic books and anime, Beyond the Void opens a window into a world of violence without consequence. A world where villainy can be taken to the extreme, where thousands could be slaughtered on a single page, only to be resurrected and butchered once again. Where the violent ends of violent delights are simply the beginning of the next reprint.

Model : Hanako Miyasaki

The Observer Effect

The Observer Effect (2019)

In science, the term “observer effect” means that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed, and this holds true for art as well. By creating this piece amongst a room full of observers, the artist allows the presence of the observers to influence every stroke of his human paintbrush and help to define the color, emotion and meaning of the piece.

Model : Anna Kalnina

Descending Angel

Descending Angel (2019)

Growing up in the West during the cold war, there was an ever present fear tucked away in the back of the artist’s mind. Impending death that would rain down from the sky at any moment. A recurring nightmare in the imagination of a child, the coming apocalypse that would be heralded by the Descending Angel.

Model : Eva Hel